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Astorino Has Failed to tell the Truth to the People of Westchester for Years —

Truth Squad will Hold Him Accountable for Misleading New Yorkers


Running for reelection, Rob Astorino asked for another term—four years—as County Executive.  In the first 2013 County Executive debate, Astorino stated: “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last four years, and I ask for another four years to continue down our path of a balanced, healthy approach to Westchester County.” (Westchester County Executive Debate, 18:20, 10/2/13) And, in his closing statement during the second 2013 County Executive debate, Astorino said: “I thank you for your opportunity for these four years, and I look forward to another term.” (Westchester County Executive Debate, 1:18:12, 10/16/13)

Rob Astorino asked Westchester voters "for another four years" but started campaigning for statewide office two days after being reelected.

Astorino promised to focus on his day job.

Two days after he was reelected County Executive, Astorino flew to a political networking event in Puerto Rico to lay the groundwork for a statewide campaign. On the day the county’s bond rating was downgraded, Astorino was meeting in Arizona with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

After being reelected, he quickly broke his pledge.


Rob Astorino promised to cut property taxes by 20 percent, but once in office he vetoed a property tax cut.

"When it comes to property taxes, Astorino talks big, but his actions don't deliver. He came into office promising to cut taxes by 20%, then turned around and vetoed a property tax cut for Westchester taxpayers,"

said Catherine Borgia, County Legislator-Ossining

During his 2005 campaign for county executive, Astorino promised to cut property taxes by 20 percent.

He made the promises on campaign fliers and materials and said he would “stop wasteful spending,” “fix mismanagement,” “end the abuse,” and “eliminate the duplication” in order to afford the tax cut. (Astorino Campaign Literature, 2005)

In 2010, Astorino failed to take action against the county’s property tax burden by vetoing a proposal that would have cut property taxes by just 2 percent. (The Examiner News, 12/17/10)

Astorino then vetoed an effort to cut property taxes.

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance calculates the overall full-value tax rate “based on combination of levies, for county, city, town, village, school district, and special district purposes.” During Astorino’s first two years in office, the rate in Westchester rose from $23.10 to $28.40 per $1,000 of the full value. (Westchester County Budgets, accessed 2/19/14; New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, accessed 2/19/14)

Today, Westchester's tax burden is on the rise.

Astorino Often Blames State Mandates for High Property Taxes.

From a recent interview in Capital New York: “The state has to start prioritizing, and taking back the costs, or figuring out what works and what doesn't and doing it more efficiently. But to just dump the costs continuously on the local level is having a very detrimental effect.“ (Capital New York 3/3/14)


 From the New York Times: “Mr. Astorino, for one, accuses the Spano administration of spreading the blame [for high property taxes] too liberally. He points out that even as taxes in Westchester were on a steep rise, those in neighboring Rockland rose only 3 percent, and those in Putnam didn't rise at all. Because all three counties operate under the same state mandates, Mr. Astorino said, Mr. Spano ‘cannot say this is someone else's fault.’" (New York Times, 10/23/05)

As of November 2013, residents of Westchester paid an average of $9,637 in property taxes, the highest in the United States. (The Journal News, 11/26/13)

"Four years after complaining that Westchester County is the highest taxed county in the nation, Westchester still has that dubious honor and when we tried to cut taxes, Rob Astorino vetoed a tax cut. The truth is, Rob Astorino is not the kind of county executive he'd like you to believe he is," added MaryJane Shimsky, County Legislator.

Under County Executive Astorino, Westchester has the highest property taxes in the nation.


Astorino promised Westchester County's credit rating would never be lowered

June 2013: Astorino Guaranteed Westchester Would Not Lose its AAA Credit Rating.

Astorino said at a June 18th Town Hall meeting in Armonk: 

“We had to set goal posts. And the goal posts were pretty simple. We were not going to raise the tax levy, and we were not going to lose our Aaa credit rating. Those were the guarantees.” (Video of Armonk Town Hall meeting, via YouTube, 6/18/13) 

November 2013: Moody's Downgraded Westchester County's Credit Rating.

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